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Noble Group’s Cliffhanger



2010:  Harry Banga splits… most of Noble problems start here.1

2015:  Noble Group, one of the biggest traders of commodities from coal to iron ore is melting from its base.

Script writers have devised the solution of telling us a story  but leaving it at a cliffhanger, thus forcing the market to postpone their execution to hear the rest of the tale.

A villain was designed and a lawsuit with an injunction was filed with the Hong Kong High Court asking to ban his research, hoping to ensure the audience will return to see how the characters would resolve the dilemma.

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Won’t Pay the Benefits ?

It is well-known in the industry that staff movements are frequent (each 3 months) and lateral moves are common at Noble Group Ltd. The company is characterized by its high HR turnover. has learnt that at least 20% of the Houston Office trade floor were sacked on Monday March 14.


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