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2.2 Million barrel equivalent per day ? Deal of the decade or write-off ?


the franchise loses $1.25M per business day

Heh, I would steer clear as well.

Pilot Flying J

Why they would need pipelines.

They are not even traders….

It’s truck stops..

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Yeah its puzzling

they are just a supply and dist

It’s trucks stop dudes.

why they would want to maintain a 1B$ credit facility… and inventory. There is no money in moving diesel above the rack in the U.S since at least 2 years.

Noble loses money I think 2 or 3 million per business days in recent quarters. stay clear.

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Did they do any arb plays to Latam or UK?

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very few

no tankers data can certify this

no AIS data or shipbroker that we know

“Noble’s oil business traded as many as 2.2m barrels a day in 2017”

seems a lot exaggerated,

just my opinion

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They making it sound as if their oil business is a silver lining.

Could’ve been derivatives overstated as well.

Truth is hard to find in the industry these days.

Maybe Noble Group’s Treasury head (Wildrik de Blank) that has quit the company on August 31th could tell.

How Noble can even claim or imply seriously trading over 2.2 Million barrels or equivalent per day ?!

And where are found these barrels ?

Noble had a mere inventory-in-transit of $2.6 million dollars at the end of 2016.

Like for its MTM commodity derivatives and contracts gains revisions, at so many occasions, Noble has marked down its sales book to catch-up with reality.