“Shipping is running just normal, 😉 its the Trading who ships at a Loss…! “


MICHAEL NAGLER (Mr. Noble Shipping Fees $$$$) 

Embattled Noble Group has no plans to exit shipowning and says time charters are the way forward- Noble says sale of kamsarmaxes reflects new strategy — not exit

The point is this is not and this never was their money.

Noble Chartering is charging a fixed FEE to => Noble Resources SA trading 10-12 million tons* at a loss=> on behalf of Noble Group Limited (Noble), the parent company => laying off their losses on the credit investors & shareholders.

See how the shipping strategy works out without trading taking losses and hundred of million in credit lines…. Spin off noble chartering. DO IT !

SPIN OFF and see if you can make CASH ! Alone without credit lines and a trading company totally taking the losses for the shipping to break even.

The Noble Files 贵族档案


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