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The Sad Roles of ING, DB and Wildrik de Blank (Mr. NOBLE Treasury)

We all know that Noble & cie several times wiped out their credit and equity depositors. How this time is it different ?

In September 2017 Noble posted a -1.8B losses only 3 months after Wildrik De Blank (Mr. NOBLE Treasury) issued Noble 8.75% 2022 (750M USD). That’s his record.

The lead manager book runner was ING Bank N.V. they made flat fees in this operation regardless of if Noble had or hadn’t any valid business.

The new noble is no different: it’s the same trader with no business except that now they have a plan which is implicitly crafted to ensure Noble can default on perpetuity (…) and they will.

Shell games.

The banks and the management made enormeous fees when Noble built up assets and => spread the losses of the old assets into new assets. This also worked in reverse => when the market unwind Wilfrik de Blank’s financial hoodoo.

 Noble is shifting the empty shells. ING and DB, who are caught participating in the act, will make a 100-150M USD flat fee (more than its current capitalization).

ING Bank NV and Deutsche Bank are defendants Goldilocks Investment Co. vs Noble Group Ltd. HC/OS 480/2018

The Noble Files | 高贵组文件 研究


Noble has “normal operations”

Here’s an example of a news, not important but probably the most inusitate piece written by the cretins.

A Noble MD states that Noble Group Shipping division, performs quarter after quarter, despite parent company’s huge downturn…oh well it’s the trading part who ships at a loss ! Michael Nagler tells us that Noble incapacity is because of others divisions.

This mental-model is flawed. Indeed we know that Noble has kept shipping the coal at a loss.

“It has been “full performance all the way through” at Noble Chartering despite the parent company’s huge crisis and uncertain future, Noble Chartering CEO Michael Nagler tells ShippingWatch. The number of employees and ships has been reduced significantly over the past four years*.

Commodity trader Noble Group has gone through a steep downturn in the past three years, and meanwhile, the number of ships and employees at subsidiary Noble Chartering has been reduced significantly. But even though Singapore-based Noble Group is currently struggling to settle a comprehensive restructuring at a time when the founder and majority shareholder has pulled out, and while the parent company has been hit by several lawsuits, the dry bulk business itself is running “normally,” Noble Chartering CEO Michael Nagler tells ShippingWatch”.

It’s even truer in life than in a bad series script. The big picture is that those taking risk at noble have not been exposed to their losses. At any other trading co. Nagler is FIRED. Any other co.


The Noble Files 贵族档案


*Reported volume by Noble Management and turnover growth are an extremely contentious issue.